Invest into TEPfactor expansion with interest 11% p.a.!

TEPfactor - investice do expanze.
50 000 Kč
Roční výnos
5 500 Kč
Bonus na hru Boyard
500 Kč
Chci investovat
100 000 Kč
Roční výnos
11 000 Kč
Bonus na hru Boyard
1 000 Kč
Chci investovat
200 000 Kč
Roční výnos
22 000 Kč
Bonus na hru Boyard
2 000 Kč
Chci investovat
500 000 Kč
Roční výnos
55 000 Kč
Bonus na hru Boyard
5 000 Kč
Chci investovat

After successful opening of  TEPfactor entertainment centers in Czech Tepublic, Dubai and Poland, we are preparing for further growth and we plan expansion into new markets and building up new branches. Therefore we prepare the sale of stocks, with interest to be paid out twice a year. So become a part of our expansion – invest into TEPfactor!

What do we do

We are focusing on development, production and operating of fun centers ;
We  create and organize activities aimed at fun, adventure and development of products focusing on people interested in active lifestyle.

Our major product is TEPfactor fun parc. We have complete know-how to develop, build and operate this concept. Our goal is to continuously improve and provide  visitors with real experiences they can share.

Where do we aim

Our major goal is to build a network of TEPfactor fun centers. We are focusing on cities with population min. 1 million inhabitants. We plan expansion both in the form building our own branches, as well as building bracnhes together with partners or franchisees.TEPfactor fun center concept has been proven in practice and carries large potential.


Our partners

We have a large number of interesting collaborations and partners. Our latest project was cooperation with a TV crew on a world-famous TV competition.


Our partners

New branch in Riyadh

We are preparing the construction of a full-fledged branch in the capital of Saudi Arabia. The city of Riyadh is an ever-growing central part of the Arabian Peninsula with more than 8 million inhabitants.

Our partner already operates the product TEPfactor FlexiFun. You can see here FlexiFun Rijad.


Obligation specification

  Obligation specification
minimum obligation price
50 000 CZK
investment payback term
5 years
annual interest
11 %
frequeancy of interest payoff
twice a year (31. 5. and 30. 11.)
investor bonus
free entry to TEPfactor in the value of 1% from investment amount, valid for 6 months

Documents needed for Stock issuance:


The bond is secured by the parent company TEPfactor Ellastep a.s. and by the personal guarantee of the founder Tomáš Chroust.


Investment calculator

Minimum obligation price is 50 000 CZK. Investment amount is not limited

Use our interactive investor calculator and calculate potential earnings of your investment


Bond yield

Annual interest:*0 Kč
Interest for the whole period:*0 Kč
Investor bonus - vouchers in value:0 Kč
*interest is a subject to withholding tax according to the residence of the investor (e.g. 15% tax for the residents of the Czech Republic)

Why to invest?

  • You invest into functioning concept – you can visit our branches and mak your own opinion.

  • We have longterm vision and unique product.

  • We diversify the risks in multiple markets.

  • We have a great team to develop, build and operate the fun centers.


Become a part of our expansion and join us !If you are interested to invest into TEPfactor, leave us here your contact and we come back to you with necessary information.

TEPfactor Experiences s.r.o.
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